«Restaurants and Bars»

1. “Sibirskaya Troika” Restaurant


Standard bill – 40 euro

Capacity – 70 people.

The interior of the restaurant resembles a museum of old times in Russia, but unlike a museum, it has lively, cosy and warm atmosphere. When in this restaurant, the guests find themselves in an old Russian country estate. Old Russian everyday objects blend in with folk-lore items in the interior of the restaurant. Russian fairy-tales come true here -ceiling arches are painted with scenes full of characters from them: Grey Wolf, Sirin Bird, Sky-blue Flowers, etc.




2. “Beerman & Peljmeni” Restaurant


Standard bill – 15 euroBeerman1

Capacity – 150 people

Peljmeni (Dumplings) menu is the pride of the restaurant.

They serve Peljmeni with all sorts of fillings. All known kinds

of dumplings are cooked here – from traditional Siberian

peljmeni with various types of meat to Italian ravioli or Chinese wontons.

All peljmeni are hand-made. Rediscover a familiar dish – try it with an

unusual filling and you will not be disappointed.                                       Beerman2 


3. “LaMaison” Restaurant

Standard Bill – 37 euroLaMaison” Restaurant

Capacity – 150 people.

The image of this restaurant is of a respectable city mansion of the beginning of the 20th century – one of those which were called the best ones at the time.

4. “PuppenHaus” Restaurant

Standard Bill – 51 europuppenHaus1

Business lunch standard bill – 16 euro

Capacity – 120 people.

The process of serving a dish in this restaurant is a real performance, where a guest (who is also a spectator) plays an active role. For instance, in order to try a salad they have to break a bowl made of bread or get the sauce out of an egg. If one wants to try pot-au-feu, they have to cut a rope and place the dish into the stock.


5. “CarteBlanche” Restaurant

Standard Bill – 41 euroCarteBlanche1

Business lunch standard bill – 11 euro

Capacity – 200 people.

The menu of this Restaurant was developed for half a year and every detail was taken into consideration. The chef is a true virtuoso in cooking simple and familiar to all dishes, which are absolutely delicious. A special treat for the guests are the show-dishes.

On Fridays and Saturdays there is live music.


6. AZIMUT Hotel Sibir

Azimut“Senate” Restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It offers exquisite dishes of the Russian and European cuisines as well as the dishes made in their own smoking chamber and grill. The Wine List is diverse. The Restaurant also offers the most delicate desserts from their own confectionary shop, which is the best in town.

The Restaurant is open until midnight.

Standard Bill – 32 euro


The Banquet Hall is next to Senate Restaurant and the Conference Hall of the hotel.

A sliding partition divides the hall into two separate parts, if need be. This is an ideal place for buffet receptions, banquets, cocktail receptions and other events. It can accommodate up to 60 people. Fine dining and high standards service.

7. “Kolyada” Cafes

Kolyada1Kolyada – Vokzalnaya Magistral, 15

Kolyada – Ulitsa Gogolya, 38

Standard bill – 13 euro

Capacity – 190 people eachKolyada2

8. “Tinjkoff” Restaurant

TinjkoffStandard bill – 42 euro

Capacity – 180 people

Apart from a great selection of beer varieties this Restaurant offers their own beer brewed on the premises. For beer lovers it’s a real Mecca.

Be prepared: it can be quite noisy here. For those who prefer privacy there is a separate hall accommodating up to 10 people.

The Menu is mostly European cuisine. Considering the speciality of this restaurant, it includes a big selection of starters – from peanuts to Bavarian sausages.

9. “Balkan-Grill” Restaurant

balkanaStandard bill – 36 euro

Capacity – 40 people

10. “Expeditsiya. Northern Cuisine” Restaurant

ExpeditsiyaExpeditsiya1Standard bill – 36 euro

Capacity – 50 people

This Restaurant has already become a legend. At present it is the best and the most unique Restaurant in town. They offer a big variety of classical and unique gourmet dishes of the peoples of Siberia and Russian Far East. The Menu includes Muksun (whitefish) Stroganina (a type of Siberian frozen sashimi), dry-cured venison, meet of Siberian red deer, baked younh horse mear from Oymyakon, Yakutia, wild duck roulades, sturgeon, Kamchatka crab and many more. All products are brought from their natural environments. The food here is a real delight for connoisseurs. They also give their guest a chance to watch the process of food making. We have got here a real rescue helicopter, which is placed right in the middle of the hall. On a huge screen you can see documentaries about the most exciting expeditions and routes in Siberia, the North of the Urals and others. Every night from 8 pm there is guitar live music.



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