Geographically, the Novosibirsk Region lies in the centre of Russia, in the south-west of Western Siberia. The region is located in the river basins of the Ob and the Om. In the south-west, the Novosibirsk Region borders upon Kazakhstan, in the south — Altai Territory, in the west — Omsk Region, in the east — Kemerovo Region and in the north – Tomsk Region.
The largest city of the region is Novosibirsk with the population of one and a half million people. There are no other large cities in the region, for example, Berdsk numbers about 100 thousand people. In other populated areas still less people live. But on the other hand, settlements, big villages and villages in the Novosibirsk Region are prospering.

The Novosibirsk Region is a water region, here the largest river of Siberia – the Ob flows. If to count from the river head, the Irtysh, its length is 5410 kilometers. In the Ob’s basin there are up to 230 rivers (Berd, Baksa, Shegarka and others). The Irtysh’s basin numbers about 85 rivers (Оm, Тartas and others). Besides, the Novosibirsk Region is rich in lakes. On the territory of the region, there are about three thousand large and small lakes.

The Novosibirsk Region is a very beautiful region. It is not only an immense taiga, the powerful and one of the largest Russia’s lakes Chany is located here. It is a great deal of other places of interest, with no equals in the world!

The nature of the Novosibirsk Region is diverse. Here there is what to see and what to visit for lovers of active style of life.
The relief of the Novosibirsk Region is mainly plain, because mountain landscapes on the territory of the region are rather rare and attract a lot of tourists. Thus, for example, one of the most wonderful and popular places in the Novosibirsk Region is the Salair Ridge. The Salair are ancient, low, crumbling mountains, whose age exceeded 400 million years. The Salair Ridge is located between the Kuznetsk Alatau, the Altai and the West Siberian Plain.

The Salair is rich in light, coniferous forests and other vegetation. Thus, on the slopes of the Salair grow many plants rare for Siberia. The Salair Range doesn’t have any snowfields or mountain lakes, but from it several noisy mountain rivers spring. In the vicinity of the Salair Range, from the earliest times people were engaged in gold-mining, practically all local rivers are rich in placer gold.

In the Novosibirsk Region, there are places to visit for lovers of different kinds of water tourism. Besides the Chany, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Russia, here there are other large reservoirs, for example, the Obsky Sea or Lake Ubinskoye. The name of the latter goes back to the Tatar word “ubu”, which means a “marshy place’ or “quag” - the name totally corresponds to this lake. The Obsky Sea is the Novosibirsk Reservoir, a huge man-made reservoir on the Ob near Novosibirsk. The length of the Obsky Sea is 220 km, and its maximal depth reaches 25 m.

The Novosibirsk Reservoir is recognized as one of the best places for holiday not only by lovers of family tourism, here people go in for various kinds of water tourism. For example, every year the Cup of Russia in sailing is held on the Obsky Sea. Besides, fishermen like this reservoir very much, because here found a lot of fish.

The Bugotakskie Hills are the witnesses of the prehistoric times. They say that millions years ago the territory of the Novosibirsk Region was covered with an ancient sea. After the sea receded, there were hills on its surface, which consisted of basalt and diabases.

The north and north-west of the Novosibirsk Region is occupied by the world’s largest Vasyagan Swamp.
In the Novosibirsk Region, there are more than 50 natural monuments of regional importance, which are actively visited not only by local tourists but travelers from other Russia’s regions as well.
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